Cleaning Carpet Vs. An Oriental Rug

Your carpets, rugs, and upholstery play a vital role in tying your home’s aesthetic together. They add enormously to the beauty of your home and help you to feel relaxed, happy and truly at home whenever you look at them. But when it comes to keeping your home looking gorgeous and feeling peaceful, it’s important to stay vigilant. Over time, as feet come and go through your home dozens of times a day by trampling feet and curious paws, even the most beautiful carpets, and rugs can lose their luster. It’s important to know the finer points of residential carpet cleaning in order to ensure that they are kept clean and looking vibrant while also respecting and maintaining the fibers that make them so special.

If you have an oriental rug, you may already know that cleaning one of these exquisite pieces is not the same as cleaning a standard carpet. Originating in China, India, and Iran, these charming, beautiful and ornate rugs can make a powerful statement in any home. But cleaning it the right way is absolutely imperative.

oriental rug cleaning

The Importance of Keeping Your Oriental Rug Clean
Oriental rugs are made from delicate wool that may be over half a century old which, while looking incredible, may be less resilient than the kinds of fibers that make up most common carpets today which is typically recycled plastic. As your family moves to and fro across your oriental rug, dirt wears down the fibers and can not only diminish its look but also lead to permanent damage. Cleaning your oriental rug regularly can prevent this and keep it looking at its best for decades to come.

How to Clean An Oriental Rug
Before cleaning an oriental rug, it’s important to air wash as deeply as possible to remove any particles of dirt and dust that can get ground into the wool fibers. After being color tested, the rug then needs to be submerged into water for the deepest clean. The rug should then be rinsed thoroughly with water before being dried.

The Importance of a Professional Clean
Cleaning an oriental rug isn’t the same as cleaning a regular carpet. A skilled and practiced hand can make all the difference. An oriental rug requires a touch that is careful and delicate, yet tough enough to expel dirt and banish stains. And achieving that balance on your own can be a real challenge. At best, you might be a little too careful and find that your oriental rug isn’t as clean as it could be. At worst, you might find that you scrub too hard and risk damaging the delicate wool fibers that make the oriental rug so special.

Give Your Oriental Rug A CleneStart
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