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Atlanta Pet Stain Removal and Carpet Treatment

Man’s best friend can sometimes be carpet’s worst enemy. Whether you have a cat, dog, or other pet, sometimes there are unavoidable accidents that happen on the floor of your home. Unfortunately for homeowners, these bathroom mishaps can permanently alter the way a room looks or smells. These tough-to-remove stains could be visible in carpet for years at a time and odors can linger in the air for weeks. Both your pet and your carpet are here to stay – so how can you get rid of this problem?

The answer is CleneStart, Atlanta’s leader in professional carpet cleaning and odor/stain removal for more than 30 years. Our team has reinvented the way that these pesky blemishes are pulled from carpet, using both high-performance cleaning equipment and industry-leading practices to make your carpet look like new. Want more information about our pet stain services? Give us a call today at (770) 887–6375.

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The Problem With Pet Stains

Minor mishaps that don’t happen on hardwood floors can cause long-term aesthetic problems in your home. Dog or cat urine is highly acidic in nature, which means that it’s a breeding ground for bacteria and other molecules that give your home that pungent smell. Due to the humidity of Georgia weather, this stench can grow especially harsh during hot summers, making months-old stains smell like they just happened. At the same time, this liquid damage penetrates deep into the carpet, affecting not only the surface fibers, but deep into the carpet’s backing, padding, and subfloor. Because these stains can be trapped within the flooring foundation, over the counter cleaning chemicals do almost nothing to remove the stain. Air fresheners can only work for so long – once you notice a pet stain, it’s time to act. The longer these stains sit in the carpet, the more likely they are to become permanent eyesores.


Professional Stain Removal

Have you tried using a pet stain cleaner or detergent from the grocery store? These products are virtually ineffective at removing the total stain, leaving lingering smells and yellow discolorations. The only real solution is a dedicated professional carpet service like CleneStart. Here’s how the process works:

Sub-surface extraction system:

We use only the strongest equipment to pull urine and other mineral deposits from deep within the carpet.  Unlike other services, we guarantee that our service will fix the problem at the interior source, instead of treating the surface problem.

Carpet deodorizers:

As part of the pet stain removal process, we also ensure that the area is treated with odor neutralizers that infuse the area with a fresh, like-new smell.

Non-toxic urine treatment:

Because the proteins in pet urine form a strong bond with carpet fibers, it is necessary to use a high-strength Professional Urine Treatment.  These are always non-toxic and safe to use around pets, plants, and children.



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See why customers choose the CleneStart advantage!
Call now 770-887-6375.


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