Atlanta Carpet Cleaning Service

The capital city of the Peach State, Atlanta, Georgia is home to nearly half a million people. An essential site in the Civil War and Civil Rights Movement, Atlanta is full of rich and prominent cultural history. This area is home to the busiest airport in the world, making it a major tourist pit stop and destination. Such a busy and culturally rich city requires businesses that can keep up with the demand, and Clene Start is the right business to do so.

Atlanta went through four different names before finally getting its current name in 1845. The city is symbolized by the mythological bird the Phoenix, as it represents Atlanta’s rebirth after the historical fire that was set to destroy the area. Atlanta was built to last and overcome the odds, and Clene Start is determined to help continue Atlanta’s greatness. Residents and businesses are choosing Clene Start for all of their various Atlanta carpet cleaning company needs, and here are a few reasons why.

Quality Cleaning and Services 

Clene Start, your local Atlanta carpet cleaning company, stays ahead of the competition regarding all things floor cleaning for commercial and residential requests. Our quality carpet cleaning reaches beyond masking stains and odors. Clene Start completely removes all dirt and stains, eliminates all odors including those from pets, and restores damaged carpet due to water damage and other factors.

Not only does Clene Start provide carpet cleaning, but we provide other quality services as well. We offer the following services for the Atlanta area: furniture cleaning, pet stains and odor removal, Oriental rug cleaning, carpet repair and re-stretch, hardwood and tile cleaning, and much more. What makes us different from our competitors is our dedication to our clients and our quality, dependable services. Let Clene Start take care of all of your home’s and office’s hard stains and cleaning needs.

Our interest and dedication to the science of cleaning has kept us in business for more than 30 years. Choosing Clene Start for your floor cleaning needs means that you are choosing the number one cleaning services for your hard earned money.

Atlanta Carpet Cleaning Service

The Clene Start Guarantee – Your Atlanta Carpet Cleaning Company 

We guarantee that our superior method of cleaning is the most effective system in removing old stains, odors and other carpet allergens. Clene Start’s success is attributed to these three features: expert and highly-skilled technicians that guarantee 100 percent customer satisfaction; up-to-date and accurate knowledge on the latest and best cleaning practices; and a variety of high-quality, heavy-duty equipment to handle any and every cleaning job. Clene Start was created to provide the best cleaning services for its customers, and 30 years later that notion still stands.

Don’t stress out over old and unwanted stains and odors in your house or business. You can, once again, enjoy spending time in the comfort of your home and not be embarrassed when colleagues come to your office space. Find out how Clene Start can make your Atlanta home or business feel like new with their quality services today.