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Reduce Indoor Allergens with Professional Carpet Cleaning

Feel like you constantly have a minor cold? The cause might be hiding beneath your feet. Deep within the fibers of your carpet, millions of particles of dust and other irritants could be contributing to your frequent allergy problem. According to The American Lung Association, dust mites and pet dandruff are some of the most common triggers for asthma attacks. Professional carpet cleaning is one of the most effective ways to remove these allergens from your home and get the healthful peace of mind you deserve. If you are an Atlanta homeowner, getting this family-friendly service is as easy as calling CleneStart – the local leader in health-conscious carpet cleaning solutions. Want more information about allergy relief in your home? Call us today at (770) 887–6375 to schedule your appointment.



 What’s Hiding in Your Carpet?

Did you know that over 10,000 types of airborne pollutants could be lurking beneath the surface of your carpet? It’s no secret that carpet fibers lock pollutants and other allergens deep within the interior of the material, making it easy for them to contaminate the indoor air you breath throughout the day. Some of the biggest sources of carpet pollutants are: pollen, pet dandruff, dirt, mold & mildew spores, dust, bacteria, and dust mites.

University researchers estimate that millions of microscopic dust mites could be living in the carpets of your home, depending on the frequency of cleaning and vacuuming. Dust mites themselves generally pose little to no health risk, but the harmful waste they disseminate could be making you feel sick. You can substantially reduce their health impact with timely and professional carpet cleaning.

 Make Your Home Healthy Again

The peace of mind that comes with excellent indoor air quality is only a call away with CleneStart. What price would you pay for a healthy family and crisp, refreshing air?

How does it work? The signature CleneStart process use a 7-step system to make sure that indoor pollutants are pulled from the deepest parts of your carpet. With our industrial-grade cleaning equipment, our team can remove more than 90% of current allergens, making your home immediately smell and feel like new. The secret lies in our Deep Clean Encapsulation Extraction Method, a high-performance cleaning technique that traps and removes hard-to-reach particles. When you choose CleneStart, we guarantee that you will notice a difference in your home’s overall air quality.



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Carpet cleaning is about more than cleanliness – it’s part of a healthy lifestyle. For years, health advisors have extolled the benefits of carpet cleaning and the effects on indoor air quality (IAQ), so it’s time that you make the change. This cost-effective cleaning service won’t just save you time and money; it could also reduce those frequent headaches and restore the breathability of your home.

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