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About CleneStart

Our early roots came from the flooring industry installing carpet. We have spent 30 years in the research and development of cleaning.

We continue the same research in not only carpet fibers and cleaning techniques but also in pet odor removal and water damage restoration.

We aim to stay ahead of the curve in all areas of commercial and residential floor cleaning. We are what others desire to be.

Our story began in 1977 with our involvement in the flooring industry. Installing carpet, vinyl, tile and hardwood flooring gave us an in-depth understanding of the characteristics of these materials. Along with this knowledge and watching the struggle of our customers to properly maintain their floors, we were inspired to provide safe and effective cleaning solutions. After much searching, we found the Bane Clene hot water extraction system to be the only environmentally friendly, truck-mounted equipment that did not use fossil fuels or harsh chemicals. It was also the only one being endorsed by major carpet manufacturers. In November 1984 Clene Start was born.

After being trained and certified through the Professional Cleaners Association, we went a step further. We established relationships with major manufacturers and retailers working closely with them in the development of the fabrics and fibers being used in carpet, furniture and wall covering. With a goal of ensuring product longevity, our study and testing of various cleaning methods, along with periodic maintenance, began in the lab and continued long after installation.

Our interest in the science of cleaning has kept us moving forward for 25 years. We continue to share the fruits of our labor with other carpet cleaners, flooring retailers and manufacturers, but most importantly with you, our valued customers. This is what has created “The Clene Start Advantage”!